Review from R.C. Berman, of, May 13, 2010
Taking apart the multi-author theory—known in Biblical criticism circles as the “documentary hypothesis”—can cause “a religious earthquake,” said Rav-Noy, director of the Jewish Learning Academy, a Chabad branch in Los Angeles, CA. “If the documentary hypothesis is doubted, then people will have to start learning from original sources and not be guided by whatever is socially popular at the moment,” he said. Read more

Review from Elizabeth Kantor, editor-in-chief of the Conservative Book Club), April 9, 2010
"One of our Featured Alternate Selections this month, Who Really Wrote the Bible? positively warms the cockles of my heart. It addresses an issue that's been nagging at me off and on since I was an undergraduate, when I first encountered the maddening absurdities of "the higher Biblical criticism." As an evangelical Christian matriculating at a venerable state university in the South, I was well aware that my faith would be challenged by the sophisticates on the faculty." Read more


National Review Book Service, review from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President, The American Alliance of Jews and Christians
"Using the most up-to-date methods of analysis, Who Really Wrote the Bible? debunks centuries of liberal Bible scholarship and reveals the five Books of Moses were written by. . . Moses! Blowing away the multiple authors thesis that turned the Bible into a mass of contradictions, the authors restore one author, proclaiming one God, rich, complex, infinitely wise, a rebuke to any faction that would pick and choose His words to serve their own agenda." Read more