News Flash: Authorship Scandal!
Were the Five Books of Moses Actually Written by . . . Moses?

Using the most up-to-date methods of analysis, Who Really Wrote the Bible? debunks the academic consensus that what we know of as the Five Books of Moses was cobbled together by some ancient editor from the works of four different authors living centuries apart.

With impeccable scholarship Eyal Rav-Noy and Gil Weinreich reveal the supreme literary talent behind the Bible’s single authorship, and show that it is the “modern” academics who are behind the times.

  • Learn how university scholars and clergymen were deceived, and even seduced from their faith, by bad scholarship and flawed assumptions.
  • See as never before the pristine unity of the Bible in stunning literary patterns that had to have emanated from a single mind.
  • Learn how the multiple-authorship theory depends on a simple misconception of the Hebrew names for God.
  • See how abandoning single authorship has driven Bible scholars to ever more absurd misreadings, turning the profound into the nonsensical.
  • Grasp the beauty and power of the dominant literary pattern in the Torah, the chiasmus.
  • See how an easily discernable Bible code underscores important teachings, debunks the Bible critics, and can bring you to an ever richer and more powerful understanding of the foundational text of Judeo-Christian civilization.